Graphic designer fulfils role of IT Support during holiday visiting family

November 13, 2015

Just three days into a weeklong vacation to visit her family, graphic designer Monica Bateman has already solified her position as chief of IT support in the four bedroom house where she came to have a relaxed and work-free week.

Despite a complete lack of formal training and no real interest in the technical issues that occasionally plague her family — such as network connectivity problems, printers not showing up, Microsoft Word opening a file incorrecty, and someone installing a virus on their Asus laptop — Monica has continued to find herself as the family’s go-to girl for any and all issues related to computers.

We spoke with Monica just before she made the three hour trip from her one bedroom apartment in the heart of the city out to her parents quaint and comfortable countryside home. Work has been really tough recently, and sometimes you just need a break from the city” she told us, I can’t wait just to kick back and do nothing for the week and recharge.” Within 90 minutes of arrival she was found crawling under her father’s desk trying to work out why the HDMI cable wasn’t connecting to the TV.

While Monica’s role as a graphic designer demands she use a computer every day, her work leans heavily on the side of artistic and she hasn’t even coded a website in eighteen months.

Well she works doing computer stuff” Monica’s mother Anita told us while in the living room she setup the new Amazon Fire TV, Mon loves nerd things” Anita exclaimed. Now Friday, Monica has already completed fourteen different menial tasks that involved technology in the 72 hours since she returned home, with many more sure to come.

At time of press Monica was found walking upstairs to help her sister whose iPhone kept on notifying her that there was not enough storage to take a photo.

Sadly posted on November 13, 2015 by Zander Brade

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