San Francisco based designer celebrates after making it whole month at new job

December 9, 2015

Outdoing all industry expectations set upon him, designer at Bay Area startup OhSure, Brandon DeLonge, has organised a small party with his closest friends to celebrate the one month anniversary in his new role.

It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure, and I’ve learned so much from all the talented people around me.” DeLonge told us over a free Quinoa bowl lunch at the company’s headquarters.

With the average tenure of full-time designers at San Francisco startups lasting a total seventeen days, DeLonge has every right to celebrate passing the month-long mark.

We caught up with Caroline Smith, Brandon’s team leader, to hear her thoughts on the feat, We’ve become so used to designers joining us with the utmost enthusiasm but leaving within a couple of weeks after being hired by other startups in the area with slightly better benefits. We even upped our base salary for junior designers to $125,000 to keep up, which led to one guy staying with us for 24 days, and that was pretty great.” Smith mused, So for Brandon to make it through an entire month is amazing, both for him and the company.”

DeLonge’s Friday night will be spent enjoying beers and vegan snacks with friends, honouring and reminiscing over his last 31 days of employment. Highlights include his two-week onboarding period when he hardly knew anyone’s name, as well as the first time he was confident enough to voice his opinion during a meeting, 24 days into the job.

Sadly posted on December 9, 2015 by Zander Brade

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