New York designer likens himself to Kanye West when in fact he’s just kind of a dick

November 3, 2015

22 year old graphic designer and hardcore partyer Josh Jacobs was recently overheard likening himself to 21-time Grammy award winner and critically acclaimed artist Kanye West, when in fact he’s really just a bit of an asshole.

Well I guess I’m kind of like the Kanye of the design industry. Not everyone agrees with me, I can be a controversial figure, but when it comes down it, I produce the goods” Josh told his date while dining at a Cool Brooklyn Pizza Place.

However, after extensive research into his work and portfolio, alongside insightful interviews with past colleagues and clients, rather than being the design equivalent of the multi-talented rapper, producer, director, and fashion designer, we found that Josh is nothing more than quite a mean guy with an aggressive streak who lacks the talent to excuse it.

While he carries Kanye’s infamous confidence, bravado and outspoken personality, Josh does not have the work to back his annoying behaviour by any stretch of the imagination.

Sadly for co-workers and friends, this has not stopped Josh from displaying a constant stream of rude behaviour, and blaming his awful lack of respect for those nearby on him just doing me!”

We reached out to Mr. West for a comment on the matter, but are yet to hear back.

Sadly posted on November 3, 2015 by Zander Brade

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