Local designer weighing up which design tool will be most fascinating for date

October 7, 2015

After being set up on a blind date for this coming Friday at 8pm, freelance visual and UX designer Louisa Imran considered which design tool to bombard her date with first.

So my friend Danny set me up on this blind date with one of his old university buddies who he said did design stuff I think. It’s the first time I’ve done one of these, and I’m excited to have a chance to maybe connect with someone who works in a similar area to me and see what we have in common.”

A recent study found that 34% of all UI designers employ Sketch as their primary tool. Sarah is included in this percentage, and anticipates using it as a talking point to connect with her potential love interest.

Well I know there’s more and more designers using Sketch these days. It’s just so lightweight and, like, actually made for UI design, you know? Photoshop feels so bloated in comparison, and I just can’t handle the hassle of Creative Cloud” Sarah told us.

Since making the switch from Adobe’s flagship product over to Sketch, Sarah has enjoyed sharing her affinity with the product to more and more of her social circle.

Alongside Sketch, the past two years have seen the rise to a large number of prototyping and wireframing tools.

So I’m also getting to grips with Framer. Last week I made a really fun scroll component and a cool little view for opening a file picker. As a designer, one thing I worry is that maybe the time spent creating the high fidelity mockups inside of Framer actually hinders the development process. Could this time be spent sitting with an engineer and actually coding it up? I don’t know” Sarah continued, but yeah, what I’m trying to say is that I’m really excited to share this kind of stuff on Friday, and just connect on both a personal and professional level. I guess the big question is what to tell him first!”

Studies taken on by researchers in the past six months have found that of the digital product designer demographic, over 73% of Sketch users will mention the fact that they use the app in their first contact with another human being. However, this still lies somewhat behind the titanic 94% who do the same with Framer.

After the weekend we were able to individually catch up with both Sarah and her blind date, Mark Alters, a 34 year old account manager from Manchester.

I think it went great. He was smart, handsome, and just let me do a lot of talking. Almost to the point that I fear he felt I wasn’t listening to him.” Sarah smiled, but I had fun. I can’t wait to see him again.”

Unfortunately Mark’s response was less enthusiastic, I think she thought I was a designer for websites or something? I helped Danny set up his domain name back in uni and took a night class for game design once, but that was years back. She kept on talking about framing stuff. Was she a painter?”

Sadly posted on October 7, 2015 by Zander Brade

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