Incredibly talented designer is turned down for some reason that’s not obvious at all

October 8, 2015

The search for a new senior visual designer at London based startup Bandybros continues today after applicant Sarah Moses was turned down in her final round of interviews.

32 year old Moses, who recently moved to London from Brisbane to explore new opportunities, has eleven years of industry experience and a degree in graphic design from the esteemed University of New South Wales, was disappointed to be turned down from the Soho based company for not quite fitting into the company culture for some reason that is not obvious at all.

We caught up with Bandybros head of product Miles Jones to discuss the event.

It’s such a shame, you know. Sarah approached us a few weeks back, and we were immediately taken in by her diverse and, quite frankly, incredibly impressive portfolio. She had all the qualities we were looking for.

The interview process went fast. We quickly found her to be sharp, knowledgeable about our company and product, with a great eye for design.

We asked Sarah to take on a short design challenge — redesigning one of our internal tools for booking weekend activities for the team. Despite questioning the necessity of the tool, she aced it. As an organisation we really value having a strong bond between employees, and really pushing a great work to play balance. Yeah, that’s right — we’re talking foosball table, ping pong, office Playstation, bean bags, beer Wednesdays, the lot.”

Though Sarah seemed the perfect fit, for Miles and the rest of his design team, it wasn’t meant to be.

Well, after our final Skype chat, I had a sit down with the boys in design: Josh, Brandon, Dan, and Mike. We get along so well as a group and had to be sure that bringing Sarah in would make sense.”

Research undertaken by The Passable Designer found that Sarah’s industry experience outweighed all four current designers combined; and her wide variety of interests that include art history, 60s film, feminist and social equality issues, writing, and fashion design, would surely bring a variety of new perspectives and expertise into the team.

We concluded that something’s just not quite right,” Miles began, Sarah seems great and all, she’s a super talented designer, she’s even easy on the eyes. You know, we were really tempted, but it’s just not the right fit. It’s just one of those things, it’s not tangible, but you can just feel it.”

Culture fit is supposedly one of the biggest players in the Bandybros hiring process, HR lead Jonny Anderson reiterated to us. It’s a big fucking deal, you know. We don’t just want someone we can work with, we need someone we can just hang with, too.”

When questioning Anderson on the diversity in the team, we learned that due to the small size of the company (38 full-time workers), it’s natural in this industry that all but two of the employees are white middle class males in the 18-35 age bracket.

On to the next one I guess,” Miles conceded, there’s this dude coming in next week who did these series of concept poster redesigns for a bunch of Tarantino movies on Behance. Honestly, I think he could be the one!”

The complete and utter mystery of why Bandybros wouldn’t want to hire Sarah only adds salt to the wound of her wasted time interviewing. I guess we’ll never know.

Sadly posted on October 8, 2015 by Zander Brade

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