Followers left heartbroken after designer eventually abandons side-project

February 24, 2016

Sydney based designer Miles Smith has sent online followers of his into a state of shock and despair this morning, after admitting he has basically given up on his most recent side-project.

We originally caught up with Miles two months ago on the launch day of his lightweight web app, built with React.js over a long weekend, where he told us I’m really excited about this one. Obviously it’s just a small fun thing on the side right now, but with the response so far, and maybe if I can just put in an hour every evening, who knows, maybe this could become a viable business.”

Unfortunately, however, it has been 57 days since Miles has put in an hour in the evening.

The 282 people who follow Miles on Twitter today mourned the dead side-project, displaying a deep sadness that the link they clicked on two or three times a while back is now going to be discontinued.

I just can’t believe it,” follower Ellie Kovalyova told us, a designer starting a side project, and then just, like, not following through with it. When has this ever happened? What the fuck?”

Sadly posted on February 24, 2016 by Zander Brade

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