Eagle eyed designer plots valiant takedown of colleague’s work

October 7, 2015

Self-proclaimed detail god’ and visual designer Max Adams wonders when the best moment in this design review will be to point out that one of the icons on display is off by 2px to the right.

In the white meeting room — inspired by the Apple store’s interior design, with minimal artwork on the walls and a single 27” Thunderbolt display for viewing current design projects at scale — Adams prepares for the prime moment to point out the minor visual fault.

Though the mistake could be down to his colleague rushing to get the presentation ready for the meeting, or perhaps just the optical preference of the responsible designer, Adams is unwilling to let go of the opportunity to assert dominance over his team.

With six of total thirteen employees in the room, Adams sees this chance to embarrass his fellow designer as a key rung to climb on the company’s hierarchal ladder.

CEO Ali Marsh, who prides herself on having a keen eye for design and a love for all the product type side of things’, will surely be taken back by Adams noticing such a minor and unnecessary change from the distance that he sits.

While the design exhibited major typographical issues, a general lack of page structure, illegible font sizes, alongside weak contrast in the navigation and non-retina images, Adams was willing to let all this slide if it meant pointing out the miniscule error of the settings icon.

Despite access to the meeting being prohibited to Press, we were able to hear Adams mention loudly to his fellow designers as they exited down the hall Ha, that was pretty weird how I could see how that closely that icon was off, right?” No replied was heard.

Sadly posted on October 7, 2015 by Zander Brade

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