Discussion on meeting title stretches right on into lunchtime

October 7, 2015

On Tuesday three designers at graphic and print design agency Stylerope found themselves in a heated debate over how to refer to their morning discussion of recent client feedback.

Daniel Jansen, a 27 year old mid-level graphic designer with six years of industry experience and a soft auburn beard, emailed colleagues Jess and Mitchell the previous evening asking if they were interested in a Quick Standup to cover the latest round of iterations from their client’s billboard design project.

However, after reaching the office at approximately 10.52am with latté in hand and a 13” Apple Macbook Pro placed centrally on her desk, Creative Director Jess rounded up both Daniel and Mitchell to see if they were ready to have a get together regarding the billboard stuff’.

While Mitchell agreed and headed over to the corner room in their downtown office, Jansen was left dumbfounded.

I’m not really sure what Jess is up to here. I specifically emailed last night asking for a Quick Standup. Quick Standup. That’s not a Hangout, that’s not a Short Chat, and it’s certainly not a Get Together,” Jansen told us. It’s like asking for a pencil and being handed a pen. It’s disgusting.”

Collisions of this nature are often found among young individuals at innovative creative companies, where definition of short and largely useless team gatherings seem to lack a true and consistent identity.

The disruption in the team soon found it’s way to Jess. Having previously spent time in the Valley working as Art Director and Creative Visionary at the hyped technobetting startup Luckerly, she considers herself fully equipped to handle these potentially crippling workplace situations.

Sure, a lot of debate is given as to what constitutes a Get Together, a Hangout, a Standup, a Team Catchup; hell, even a Gathering. But when it comes down to it, a decision needs to be made.”

Though the meeting was due to start at 11am, the ruckus of the morning led us to 12.23pm without an answer.

It’s pretty simple,” Jansen began, a Quick Standup is a quick standup. You get together, you ask each other how you’ve been, you discuss what overpriced furniture you saw on Pinterest over the weekend, you comment on the latest Facebook News Feed design changes, you take one scroll through the clients email and you’re out of there in, what, fifteen minutes max?”

Jess disagreed. I’m sorry, but I’m almost definitely sure they had at least three different points. It’s not rocket science, this is Get Together material.”

We searched out Mitchell in the meeting room to get his input on the situation, however he was just found in a near catatonic state writing hell’ continuously on a sheet of A3 paper.

I don’t know. Maybe its just one of those times were you have to lose now to win bigger later” Jansen told us, it’s not that we’re not using my original idea, it’s that someone could neglect what is a structured process so viciously.”

When asked whether it could just be referred to as a meeting, both Jansen and Jess broke into a loud, harmonious laughter, reclining far back into their $940 Herman Miller Aeron desk chairs.

Sadly posted on October 7, 2015 by Zander Brade

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