Designer at party hoping people don’t think he’s just on Twitter again

October 12, 2015

Standing in the corner of a friend’s living room as a lively and enjoyable housewarming party goes on, 24 year old Chicago based designer Louis Norman is hoping that people will assume he’s doing something cooler than just checking his Twitter feed.

Though Norman is a young, single, and relatively charming man, with many other individuals of his age and tastes attending the party, he has decided that now is a good moment to just check in with the Twittersphere’. The time on the clock is approaching 1AM.

Assuming that fellow party-goers will think he’s doing something cool, such as texting a girl, or moving large amounts of money to-and-fro his four figure bank account, Norman angles his phone slightly inwards to his body and reads the latest thoughts from his favourite designers and tech startups.

Noticing Norman from a distance, friend and form flatmate Emma Ashdown approached to ask what was up. Oh, umm. Just like, well, texting my girlfriend I guess,” Norman replied, double tapping on his iPhone’s home button to switch to iMessage.

Though this was far from the truth, and Norman hasn’t been on a date in over fourteen months, he concluded that white lies never hurt anyone, and continued to favourite three very average tweets in a row. Tweets he definitely would not have favourited if not for his mildly drunk state.

Before the night was up 112 followers of his were lucky enough to receive an insight from the boundless galaxy that is Norman’s inebriated brain.

Sadly posted on October 12, 2015 by Zander Brade

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