Bad kerning confirmed by design student to be the worst thing in the world

November 2, 2015

I just fucking hate it”, first year design student Elsa Owens told us as we wandered around her Boston college campus. It horrifies me, and I know I’ve only been witness to it since coming here and being on campus and exposed to the sort of stuff I have, through class and I guess, less educated friends, and just browsing online. But it really isn’t okay.”

Shaking her head, flustered and frowning, she continued how can they get away with this? It’s something we can all see but no one seems to care enough to fix.”

Despite having only studied the principles of graphic design for two months, Owens was very open about her lack of sympathy for such a harmful and damaging practice. No, I don’t really have sympathy. It’s about awareness, and respect for one another’s eyes, as like, human beings.”

Bad kerning. See, look at this,” she told us, pointing at a printout for free tennis lessons for the physically impaired.


It makes me sick. It’s lazy, it’s stupid, I just can’t even find the words for it,” Elsa explained, articulating quite clearly how she felt about poor kerning.

Though homelessness is an every increasing problem in Boston, growing 25% in 2014 and still on the rise, alongside other inconveniences such as murder, suicide, poverty and domestic violence, bad kerning is the battle Owens believes to be truly worth fighting.

As a graphic design student her hatred of kerning is both understandable and deserved. While some may argue that actually it doesn’t really matter as long as the individual reader understands the message being conveyed, Owens disagrees.

Screw them. It’s stupid. Actually, screw you, too. Screw this place. Screw everyone. You’re all bad at design anyway.”

Sadly posted on November 2, 2015 by Zander Brade

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