February 24, 2016 Dedicated design student chooses Cloud.typography subscription over visiting dying Grandma EXCLUSIVE: This afternoon The Passable Designer was leaked audio from a voicemail left by graphic design student Laura Mellmore for her February 24, 2016 Followers left heartbroken after designer eventually abandons side-project Sydney based designer Miles Smith has sent online followers of his into a state of shock and despair this morning, after admitting he has basically December 9, 2015 San Francisco based designer celebrates after making it whole month at new job Outdoing all industry expectations set upon him, designer at Bay Area startup OhSure, Brandon DeLonge, has organised a small party with his closest November 13, 2015 Graphic designer fulfils role of IT Support during holiday visiting family Just three days into a weeklong vacation to visit her family, graphic designer Monica Bateman has already solified her position as chief of IT November 9, 2015 Team wondering how close they can get to Helvetica before people assume it’s Helvetica Designers at St Louis startup GoSour are currently stuck in debate over how close their product’s typeface can be to Helvetica before people think November 3, 2015 New York designer likens himself to Kanye West when in fact he’s just kind of a dick 22 year old graphic designer and hardcore partyer Josh Jacobs was recently overheard likening himself to 21-time Grammy award winner and critically November 2, 2015 Bad kerning confirmed by design student to be the worst thing in the world “I just fucking hate it”, first year design student Elsa Owens told us as we wandered around her Boston college campus. “It horrifies me, and I October 30, 2015 Disappointed designer deletes tweet of Apple purchase after receiving just single Favorite In a wholly unsurprising turn of events, San Francisco based designer Joey Marshall has deleted his tweet containing a screenshot of a recent October 19, 2015 Group of designers’ conversation about Comic Sans is actually very boring Laughing hysterically among themselves over cocktails at flashy London bar The Cool Sipper, a group of designer friends are oblivious to the fact October 12, 2015 Designer at party hoping people don’t think he’s just on Twitter again Standing in the corner of a friend’s living room as a lively and enjoyable housewarming party goes on, 24 year old Chicago based designer Louis October 8, 2015 Incredibly talented designer is turned down for some reason that’s not obvious at all The search for a new senior visual designer at London based startup Bandybros continues today after applicant Sarah Moses was turned down in her October 8, 2015 Designer preparing to just get in there and sketch it out Junior designer at San Francisco based startup Disaroaming, 22 year old Abe Damon has declared that he will spend the morning just sketching it October 7, 2015 Eagle eyed designer plots valiant takedown of colleague’s work Self-proclaimed ‘detail god’ and visual designer Max Adams wonders when the best moment in this design review will be to point out that one of the October 7, 2015 Local designer weighing up which design tool will be most fascinating for date After being set up on a blind date for this coming Friday at 8pm, freelance visual and UX designer Louisa Imran considered which design tool to October 7, 2015 Discussion on meeting title stretches right on into lunchtime On Tuesday three designers at graphic and print design agency Stylerope found themselves in a heated debate over how to refer to their morning
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