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Welcome to the greatest news site the world of design will ever see.

Our goal is simple: to explore and uncover the way designers work, live, and make love all over the world. From breaking news at major companies to intruiging discoveries at local agencies; from San Francisco to New York, and London to Hong Kong, The Passable Designer stands for authenticity, bravery, and world-class journalism.

We represent the common designer, the wild and beautiful beast that wanders this earth with nothing but a £2000 laptop and heart of gold. The journey begins here, and where it ends, only time will tell.


The Passable Designer is a satire design news site published by Zander Brade. He is a freelance designer that is based in London, and enjoys getting paid money to make products for people. His obsessions include Bob Dylan, literature, rock n’ roll music, and sequined jackets.

This Website

This website is made with Blot, a markdown type Dropbox type file type blog sort of CMS. You know, one of those things. Blot was created by David Merfield and is pretty good.

There’s a very good chance you will come across some form of bug at some point. For example, even though this is the About page and not an article, there is a Tweet button below the content. Why would you tweet this? Oh well.

Zander had the option to do a thorough check through and test of the website’s code before publishing, but came to the conclusion that he was too cool and wore too much denim for that kind of shit.

If there is an article on The Passable Designer that you find to be offensive, inaccurate, or just a bit bad, please contact us via email.

If there is an article on The Passable Designer that really, really offends you, Zander is pretty skinny and hasn’t been in a fight since middle school — please consider just punching him in the face, as getting sued seems like such a drag.

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